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Accounting Area

The office chartered accountants offer their assistance in the field of reporting and book-keeping.
Drawing up of ordinary and extraordinary financial statements. Assistance in drafting the accrued taxes entry of profit and loss accounts.

Fiscal Assistance
Our experts assist the clients in drawing up of the fiscal statements of individuals, companies, and withholding agents, as well as of VAT statements.
Drawing up of declarations of estate, as well as INVIM statements
They also offer their assistance in obtaining the reimbursement of taxes and duties in general before Fiscal Offices, and in particular by to the competent International Direct Tax Office Centre in Pescara.

Consultancy and Fiscal Auditing
Fiscal consultancy includes all the sectors of direct and indirect taxes as well as the updating on the fiscal legislation development.
Rulings and requests for information.
Our experts also offer a considerable experience in the field of fiscal audit, as well as in the field of due diligences, during the domestic as well as during the cross-border transactions.

Company Performances
Management in relation to various Entities: Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA), Revenue Office, book-keeping, explication of the formalities required by the legislation in force, etc.

Assessments  and Expert’s Estimates
Assessment  of businesses, business units, properties, single assets and rights, drawing up of inventories and extraordinary financial statements.
Assistance in estimating the realisation of assets, redemption of liabilities and distribution among assigns.

International Tax Law
Some consultants of our offices provide our client with their expertise in the international fiscal planning.
The office, moreover, is active in the assistance for tax credit collection in Italy by non-resident subjects, both for VAT purposes and for direct taxes, as well as for the completion of fiscal procedures in the Non-Residents Sections of the Operating Centre of Pescara.


Pescara, Piazza della Rinascita n. 18 – 65122 (Italy) – Phone: (+39) 085.375120 - (+39) 085.9431026 – Fax: (+39) 085.4429332
Francavilla al Mare, Via Riccione n. 1 – 66023 (Italy) – Phone: (+39) 085.4914750
Milan, Via Andrea Solari n. 12 – 20144 (Italy) – Phone: (+39) 02.86982066 – Fax: (+39) 02.80503481