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Management area

Management Control, In-house Reporting and Budgeting
Analytical and industrial Book-keeping.
Optimisation of corporate resources. Reorganisation of production processes, reduction of variable and set-up costs. Operating and management reporting.
Budgeting and forecasts. Business plans.
The office includes professionals, both internal and external ones, with multiannual experience in the sector, who regularly also deal with management assistance to primary Public Institutions, credit Institutions and production and distribution Industries.

Risk Management
The office includes professionals offering their assistance in evaluating corporate risks.
In particular, they offer their ability in evaluating solvency through periodical visits to customers, the analysis of financial statements, the evaluation of contracts, and corporate collection times and modes: moreover, they can provide analysis of bad debt collection possibilities, and of the convenience of access to the insurance thereof.
Some consultants also have a great experience in the implementation of in-house procedures for the analysis of commercial credit risks.

Pescara, Piazza della Rinascita n. 18 – 65122 (Italy) – Phone: (+39) 085.375120 - (+39) 085.9431026 – Fax: (+39) 085.4429332
Francavilla al Mare, Via Riccione n. 1 – 66023 (Italy) – Phone: (+39) 085.4914750
Milan, Via Andrea Solari n. 12 – 20144 (Italy) – Phone: (+39) 02.86982066 – Fax: (+39) 02.80503481