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Tax - Legal Area

The office offers a particular care in consultancy and assistance in the phases of negotiation and signing of contracts in general, and especially in the insurance, banking, and general corporate sector.
In particular, our lawyers are experienced in drawing out deeds of purchase, sale or permutation of companies, of ownership stakes, of shares, of properties, of single assets, as well as deeds of withdrawal and exclusion of members.

General Legal Judicial and Extrajudicial Assistance and Representation
The presence of Lawyers in the office enlarges the range of services, including judicial legal assistance, in the civil, administrative, commercial, and labour field, as well as out-of-court assistance in general, with particular reference to the insurance and banking sector.
The office, moreover, guarantees the possibility of a specialist assistance in specific areas (town planning law, trademarks, patents and intellectual property, privacy) thanks to the experience made through the constant cooperation  with(in) large law firms.

Consultancy in the Corporate and Bankruptcy Field
Establishment of corporate bodies and capital increases.
Management of extraordinary transactions in general: transactions for the transformation, merger, spin-off and concentration of companies.
Management of corporate day-to-day business. Assistance in the processes of corporate debt rescheduling.
Management of the phases of liquidation of companies: compulsory liquidation, as well as pre-bankruptcy, bankruptcy and post–bankruptcy phases.

Fiscal Disputes
Many professionals in the office offer a great experience in managing deflationary instruments and fiscal disputes in general.
Actions, appeals, pleadings to tax committees, notices, statements, complaints, requests, pleadings addressed to financial offices, etc.

Pescara, Piazza della Rinascita n. 18 – 65122 (Italy) – Phone: (+39) 085.375120 - (+39) 085.9431026 – Fax: (+39) 085.4429332
Francavilla al Mare, Via Riccione n. 1 – 66023 (Italy) – Phone: (+39) 085.4914750
Milan, Via Andrea Solari n. 12 – 20144 (Italy) – Phone: (+39) 02.86982066 – Fax: (+39) 02.80503481