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Labour Law area

Labour Law, Social Security and Trade Union Representation
Some lawyers of the office offer their specialist experience relating to labour law, social security and trade unions in general: they offer their aid in particular before conciliation chambers, trade union representations and relevant judicial authorities.
They deal, therefore, with the management of all workforce disputes in general.

Payrolls and Employment Consultancy
Some employment consultants are available in the office.
They deal with the formation of payrolls, the drawing out of the monthly statements compulsory according to law, as well as with consultancy to employees in general.
Furthermore, they are active in the field of assistance in the procedures of management of disputes with Trade Unions and Social Security Organisms at the pre-dispute stage, as well as in the field of technical support and consultancy relating to judicial disputes.

Management of Human Resources: recruiting
Employment lawyers and consultants deal with the relations with trade union representations in general in the phases of corporate start–up, as well as with the management of employee recruiting outsourcing, and assistance in corporate reorganisation transactions


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